How To Fix Not Responding Issue

A free web-based email service provided by AOL mail is named AOL mail. It is a pioneer brand in the US for giving excellent dial-up service provided to millions of Americans.AOL is a leading provider of services like web portals, email, instant messaging, and many others. But nothing is free from glitches. The same goes with AOL service. Sometimes users face IMAP not responding errors, and this user can either apply simple tricks to solve the problem or call up at AOL helpline Number and seek help from qualified AOL experts.

For outgoing communication, the SMTP mail server is the majorly used, whereas the IMAP server and pop3 server are used for incoming communication. But it is commonly observed that IMAP gives better service with low internet connection.

Identification for the failure of IMAP AOL

When the user opens their mail app on a computer or iPhone, the user faces a pop-up on the window, suggesting “ not responding”. The screen freeze at the dialogue box, asking for the username and password of the account.

The root of IMAP AOL not responding problem

  • Inappropriate IMAP server settings
  • Wrong credentials
  • Active VPN or proxy server
  • Blockage in ports due to security program

Steps to follow during  IMAP AOL failure

  • Update appropriate credentials

It is advised to check login credentials first whenever you encounter a not responding error. Enter correct username, email address, and passwords to resolve this error as early as possible

  • Check the IMAP server settings

A second important step is to check IMAP server details. Wrong server settings also lead to these types of errors. User can modify and manage the settings according to the requirements

  • Disable the proxy and VPN

Sometimes users are not able to sync the AOL server due to proxy and VPN active programs. The user might receive an IMAP error, and for the resolution of the same, one must deactivate them and enjoy the smooth functioning of AOL mail.

  • Deactivate all security programs

It is pretty often that antivirus and firewall sometimes block incoming and outgoing ports. To solve this problem, the user must disable antivirus and firewall on your PC for some time and reopen the mail app again.

  • The date and time must be correct

After deactivating the proxy and VPN security program, the wrong time and date can also fail IMAP server failure. Users are recommended to correct the time, date, and time zone of the AOL email account. One user made the successful change. They should try assuring the problem by reassessing the mail account.

Measures to follow when IMAP AOL stops responding on iPhone and other

  • Enable the network connection

Users must double-check the internet connectivity at the time of accessing the AOL email account. One can go to mobile data settings and check the same or check for wifi connection in reach.

  • Update correct email account credentials 

It is essential to update the email account with the correct credentials. That means the user must add correct the username, email address, and passwords. 

  • Configure email account using exchange server 

If the user experiences failure with Imaps settings, then the best option is to eliminate the account and configure it using an exchange server.

We hope that “Fix not responding issue ” blog helpful; for you and list easy troubleshooting user can practice. For advance, solution users can contact at AOL helpline number and assistance from the technicians.