How to Fix HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout In AOL Mail

AOL email is one of the prominent and multi-purpose emails accessed by many users working all around the globe.  AOL email is free of cost service provided to millions of users worldwide. When you try to open your AOL email, a technical error HTTP 504 gateway timeout is seen, and it is caused due to several factors. This error takes place because a server can’t get a quick response from another server for which you are attempting to access AOL while loading the page.

There are also other factors that are causing HTTP error 504 gateway timeout in AOL mail.  Identify the reasons and read out ‘How to Fix HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout in AOL Mail troubleshooting methods in this blog. If you can’t follow these steps to fix this error, then call AOL customer care to troubleshoot it immediately.

What Are The Causes of AOL HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout?

Here, few factors are listed that are responsible for AOL HTTP error 504.

  • Problem with your operating system or a network you are using
  • Faulty Email servers
  • Internet connection trouble
  • Error in hardware and software
  • Fault in DNS configuration
  • Proxy server wrong settings
  • Internet Service Provider error
  • Deactivated AOL email account for more than 90 days

What Are The Troubleshooting Methods to Fix AOL HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

When you run AOL mail HTTP error 504 gateway timeout, you should follow some troubleshooting steps to fix this error.

Solution – 1 Confirm if Internet Connection Is Proper and Accurate

To fix the AOL error 504 gateway timeout, you must ensure that the internet connection is stable and strong. A bad link will lead you to face such an error. Choose a network that gives you high-speed and works bug-free.

Solution – 2 Examine Your Device For Any Problem

It may happen that the system used by you to access AOL is itself faulty. Thus, the AOL HTTP error is displaying on your screen. Ensure that the device in which AOL access is bug-free. After this, restart your system and if again the same AOL error message, move to the next step to fix it.

Solution – 3 Use Another Browser to Access AOL Mail

In some instances, the browser can be incompatible or outdated and showing AOL HTTP error 504.  The primary way to overcome AOL 504 error is to try other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but never go with Internet Explorer because it gives no guarantee to fix such issues.

Solution – 4 Restore the AOL Mail page Again

After encountering AOL 504 gateway timeout error, retrieve the mail page again to fix it instantly. Press ‘F5” to restore or refresh the AOL mail page again. Check the server connection and also examine your email.

Solution – 5 Inspect Proxy Server Settings Error

Many users complained that proxy settings are problematic. Examine the right proxy settings and correct them if entered wrong.


You might have followed the above troubleshooting steps but can’t get a suitable result. The most convenient way to get out of this error is by calling AOL email customer Number, and a technical representative will advise you some crucial tips to troubleshoot this error.

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