How to fix AOL email sign-in error

AOL Inc. is a leading communication software in the Tech Industry as it provides the best email services. Yet, AOL email customer care number keeps getting calls related to the sign-in error. Either they are not able to log in to their account, or it is regarding device compatibility. It is surely annoying and frustrating when you are doing some urgent client work, and there is a sign-in error popping up. In order to resolve the issue, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. And in case you need on-spot assistance, you can simply get in touch with the expert techies who are to assist you with all your queries and give you a reasonable solution for your problem.

Here are some easy ways to troubleshoot this persistent error.

1. Restart your System 

You should start by rebooting your computer. This is a go-to solution to any problem in the system, and it works in most cases. 

  • Verify your credentials

First thing AOL customer service will ask about is your login credentials. Make sure; you are entering the correct Username & Password. Try to enter the details manually instead of copy-pasting.

  • Try clearing your browser history & cache.

Clearing the cache and history from your device will make your device work more efficiently and that too, without any bugs.

  • Change or update your browser

It helps in better web surfing security and better page load time. Get the latest version to get a better experience with AOL.

  • Change the DNS server

It is a possibility that you might face this issue because of your server. Don’t hesitate to make small tweaks in your server. For example – If your server is, Convert it to

Note: Make sure you restart your computer after this step.

  • Try to log in from a different page. 

Instead of a primary login page, Opt for mail sign-in page or vice-versa.

  • Disable Email proxy server

In other words, The Firewall. The main function of a firewall is to keep a check on your activities and internet traffic. It is crucial for your system protection but sometimes hinders the working of AOL.                          

  • Check Time & Date on your system

Incorrect time or date might be a reason you are struggling with connectivity. It might show your connection as invalid or outdated.

These tips will surely help you tackle this problem, and if not, you can connect with the expert professionals at the AOL email technical support number and ask for quick and appropriate help.