How to Fix AOL Email Not Sending Issues

AOL was introduced among users in 1985 when only a few email services were available in the digital market. You are addicted to using email services, but you will feel annoyed and depressed when you face any AOL email error. One common misconception that a user encountered in AOL email is ‘not sending email’. Everything will be kept on halt as AOL can’t send emails due to the ‘not sending email issue’. You will read many troubleshooting methods to resolve this error in this blog, as well as the causes behind this error. Get an instant solution by calling AOL Helpline Number, and a technical executive will provide you with better assistance.

Why Can’t AOL Send Emails?

If you can’t send emails using AOL, there may be an error in your AOL email account. Let’s look at the possible reasons why AOL is not sending any email.

  • The attachments uploaded in an email crossed the size limit.
  • AOL email is prevented from sending any further email because of too much spam emails.
  • If you have added an AOL email account to MS Outlook, you are prevented from incorrect SMTP settings.
  • By mistake, the recipient has blocked your email.

What Are The Troubleshooting Solutions To Remove This Error?

After making various attempts, you cannot send any emails through the AOL email; you must follow the given below instructions to fix this issue.

1. Reboot Your System

Delete the Ram of your system when you are facing such issues with the AOL email. It will clear-up some space for Aol to execute its functions.

  • Save’ your work and ‘Shut-Down’ your system by clicking the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Now, ‘Restart’ your system and open the Browser you often use.
  • Sign-in your AOL email and try to send emails.

2. Check AOL Email Sending Limits

Every email has a sending limit when it comes to any email. The same applies to AOL Email. You must confirm that you haven’t ended up with the sending limit in AOL email that may be the main cause of not sending an email. However, AOL has not disclosed its limit; then, you can send the email when you have reached the maximum limit.

3. Verify Your Browser

Outdated Browser can be another reason behind not sending the AOL email issue. Download and install a better user experience browser with the latest version, or you can switch to Google Chrome. AOL won’t send any email if your Browser is full of caches and cookies. Restore AOL functionality and send emails after clearing the entire history of your Browser.

4. Deactivate Pop-Up Blocking Software

You should disable the pop-up blocking software if you still can’t send AOL emails. Block Antivirus or firewall that is preventing the access and temporarily disables it.

5. Verify SMTP Settings

If AOL is not working with Outlook, you can’t send any email through a third-party email after configuring it with AOL. Check the SMTP settings, i.e. outgoing mail server settings. SMTP settings are responsible for outgoing emails. Hence, mention the settings correctly.

Protocol Server Settings Port Settings
POP3 Outgoing mail server: SMTP-465-SSL
IMAP Outgoing mail server: SMTP-465-SSL

After going through the above troubleshooting steps, you can’t remove this problem with the AOL email. You must dial AOL Customer Service Number to fix this issue. It is opened all the time, 24/7 hours, to listen to your queries and provide you accurate and instant solutions.

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