How to Delete AOL Email Account

A user can’t delete an AOL account without closing the entire AOL service which means losing access to all AOL services like instant messenger. Your address book and emails will be deleted further after 90 days and you cannot take them back after 90 days. A user can get the AOL account back if he will be accessing it with the correct username and password. Now, you will learn How to Delete AOL Email Account permanently in this blog. If you can’t delete it, you must call AOL customer care to get some accurate tips and assistance to remove it immediately.

What are the Steps to Remove AOL Email Account Permanently?

There are various steps available to delete AOL email permanently from your system. Let’s focus on a few of such methods that are given below.

  • Access My Account page on AOL email, enter the username and password into given spaces and press sign-in to access your email account.
  • Type the answer to the security questions and continue to access the My Account page on your AOL email account.
  • Press the Manage My Subscriptions link in the Service section on the My Account page. AOL accounts can be closed from the My Subscriptions page.
  • Press the Cancel link to remove your AOL email account.
  • Choose a reason for cancelling your AOL email account from the Please Select Your Reason drop-down box. 
  • Press the Cancel AOL key if you wish to delete your AOL email account. The account will be deactivated instantly.
  • To abort, press the Keep My Plan link.


When you use the above tips to remove your account, the AOL email will be deleted permanently. If you can’t do so, you must call AOL Helpline Number to remove it quickly. A technical team is well-trained, flexible and professional to assist and guide you to delete your AOL email account. A technical customer centre is available round the clock to delete it.